[News] Josh Homme To Feature On New Arctic Monkeys Album, 'Suck It And See'

If you're and avid Arctic Monkeys fan or Josh Homme fan you may be aware that Josh helped produce a few tracks on the Arctics last album Humbug. The album had the tell tale mark of Josh's hands all over it. The haunted guitar lines and echoes thrown in with weird time signatures and eerie key changes. It was quite frankly pretty damn good! In an interview with Q the band have let out that Josh had a hand on their hugely anticipated album Suck It And See. Josh lends his lungs to the track "All My Own Stunts" which we'll have to wait until June to hear, unless the band feel generous and give us some more full length previews before the release date. 

According to Alex the album is a little different to what we'd normally expect from the band, and this is coming from him after the band left fans divided with the release of Humbug. In the same interview, Alex said that they "wanted it to be song-based this time...We used to always try and not go down that route before, because it had been done. But there's a reason why they're the classic structures." So maybe his song structures in his EP for Submarine will be a little preview into the methods and stylings the band and Alex are going for in the new LP? Only time will tell. (via NME)