[Preview] Foo Fighters - 'Wasting Light' Album

We have had numerous previews of the latest garage recorded, Foo Fighters album, Wasting Light courtesy of the band playing a string of club shows at which they played their new LP front to back for fans. Along with the release of the awesome "White Limo" video featuring Lemmy of Motorhead being as rock and roll as they come. And how can we forget we got the single "Rope" last month too. Today though you can snag 30 seconds of each track courtesy of Qobuz.com. Check it out below and let the anticipation continue to grow for this album punching us repeatedly in the head from April the 12th onwards.

The Foo's are playing countless shows this year along with the release of their documentary Back and Forth. Fans are going to be hearing a lot from these guys this year and I don't think anyone's complaining!