[Watch] Josh Homme & Troy Van Leeuwen Interview With Explore Music

Check out an interesting interview with Josh Homme and Troy Van Leeuwen of Queens Of The Stone Age with Explore Music which touches on a range of interesting topics. First off it touches on the time when Josh died and how he didn't like talking about it initially. Putting a little more simply Josh compared it to offering someone something unappetising; "this tastes like shit, taste it." 

He touches on how happy he was to receive some balloons from Troy once he was brought back from the dead. On a personal note he says "the saddest thing you can ever see is an unblown balloon." In contrast, though it's weird to see Josh so serious and humbled by the whole situation and he says it took him a while to want to come back to music. He almost called it a day! 

Then the interview turns into a bit of good chat and Josh and Troy bounce off of one another touching on their lack of a record label and how awesome that is! The idea of a visual album for their next project as "cool has no pricetag", which could be interesting also. 

As mentioned yesterday Josh performs on the new Arctic Monkeys album and he says how excited he was to hear 5 or 6 tracks from Alex and Co  and pays a huge compliment to him stating "he's one of the best lyriscists I've ever stood next to." And the interview continues with questions tweeted by fans from the world over. An entertaining and interesting watch.

Part one is available for you to watch at the top and after the jump is part two. If you want a recent insight into the band and what's going on I'd advise putting 30 minutes of your day aside to check these out.