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[Listen] UNKLE - "Money and Run" Feat. Nick Cave

UNKLE are set to release a new EP titled Only The Lonely on April. The five track EP is a follow to the group's 2010 album Where Did The Night Fall and features 5 new tunes with collaborations from Nick Cave, Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit), long time UNKLE vocalist Gavin Clark and Rachel Fannan (ex Sleepy Sun) and a new UNKLE instrumental. Check out the first track "Money and Run" featuring Nick Cave from the upcoming record below and peep the tracklisting after the jump. For those who can't wait to get their hands on this release (I for one am one of those) head here to preorder the EP.

UNKLE - "Money and Run" Feat. Nick Cave by Some Kind of Awesome

Only The Lonely EP Tracklisting:

1. Money and Run (feat. Nick Cave)
2. The Dog Is Black (feat. Liela Moss)
3. Only The Lonely (dub)
4. Wash The Love Away (feat. Gavin Clark)
5. Sunday Song (feat. Rachel Fannan)

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