[News] Another Lupe Fiasco Album Coming In 2011?

So, after much anticipation nad buildup this week, Lupe Fiasco finally released his new album Lasers. If you want to grab a copy you can head on over here. In an interview with Gigwise though, Lupe has stated his intent on trying to release another album in 2011. Don't worry you read that right, he's doing a Robyn on us and releaseing a coupel in a short space of time! 

In the interview he says, "There’s another Lupe record that I want to do before the end of the year...Because it’s been so long, it’s been four years [since 2007’s ‘The Cool’], I think we have the opportunity to write almost, because it’s been so long.” But it's not a sure thing just yet, Lup went on to add that he's “actively perusing getting the label to agree with that, and that will be it.” So watch this space for what could be another Lupe Fiasco album before 2011's final curtain falls.