[Listen] Hear 2 New Atmosphere Demos - "Bar Food" x "By Your Side"

For those of you that preordered the new Atmosphere album, The Family Sign, from Fifth Elment Online you received a bonus CD Storybook Vol.1 filled with some of Slug and Ant's favorite tracks and rarities which also contained 2 new tracks, the hilarious cannibalistic track "Bar Food" and "By Your Side" which were both recorded in 2009.

Unfortunately, the preorder bonus is no longer available, however, if you cop the Deluxe Version of the new record on iTunes or Amazon you will receive another two tracks not featured on the new LP. Atmosphere's new album The Family Sign drops tomorrow and you can also go check out in full here, courtesy of Spinner/AOL.

Atmosphere - "Bar Food" (Demo) by Some Kind of Awesome

Atmosphere - "By Your Side" (Demo) by Some Kind of Awesome