[News] White Stripes to Release Live Album, DVD & 7” Single

White Stripes are set to release a live album, a DVD and 7” single in the coming months. Does Jack remember they've broken up, finished, done, kaput etc etc? Not that we're complaining, as I'm sure me and White Stripes fans the world over will be happy to open their arms to these tremendous gifts from Third Man Records. To break it down, there will be a live double-LP of the White Stripes’ final ever live performance which for those of you who didn't know was back in 2007 in Mississippi on July 31st.

Then we'll get to listen to two of the band’s earliest ever recordings on 7” vinyl giving us a nice perspective with the DVD of where they begun and where they would end up a decade on.  Finally, a live DVD called Under Moorhead Lights All Fargo Night which gives you a peek at a 2000 concert in Minnesota. To get your hands on all of these precious White Stripes goodies you need to sign up to the Vault, aka Third Man Records' store and membership club. Head on over here to do that, you know you want to, it's Jack White for god's sake!