[Listen] Beastie Boys - "Tadlock's Glasses"

We've had time for the first taste of the new Beastie Boys album Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 in the form of "Make Some Noise", and then yesterday none other than the Kiwi with all of the hook ups, Zane Lowe, debuted a short but sweet new track that features on the album called "Tadlock's Glasses". Hear the under water, trippy and glitchy track below via CoS who have found a rip up online already.

Hopefully we'll get more tracks before the album hits stores on May the 3rd courtesy of Capitol Records. Here's to hoping, and is anyone else a little bit excited to check out the Fight For Your Right: Revisted 30 Minute video w got a preview of last week? Yeah, I thought so.

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