[Watch] Foo Fighters - "Bridge Burning" x "Arlandria" Live on The Daily Show

Phew, what a few months it has been in the lead up to the release of this album. First we get the little drops of information way back when Foo Fighters announced their two huge UK gigs at Milton Keynes bowl in October, then we get a few teases along the way, a handful of club gigs, rumours of a documentary which turn out to be true and then we get to see it in all it's honesty last week, and now, the new album from the Foo Fighters is available everywhere! HOOORAY.

Their 7th studio album, Wasting Light, can be picked up over here right now so what are you waiting for?

In the bands usual style of promotion and full frontal bombardment they last night hit up The Daily Show and brought along two great tracks. The opening track "Bridge Burning" with it's opening line of "These are my famous last words!!!" and another album highlight "Arlandria" that can both be watched right here on SKoA courtesy of our friends at The Audio Perv. You know the drill, up at the top you can see "Bridge Burning" and after the jump you'll be treated to "Arlandria". Happy Tuesday/Foos Release Day.

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