[Listen] My Morning Jacket - "Circuital"

We are awaiting My Morning Jacket's follow up to 2008’s Evil Urges but today we get our first taste of what the new tracks may be, any it's pretty damn good. The slow burning track we have for you to listen to today is called "Circuital" and slowly builds up into a beautifully layered and well textured track. You can download this track in it's 7 minutes of glorious tones over on the official My Morning Jacket website. Luckily for you we've gto a stream for you below courtesy of our friends over at Twenty Four Bit. I'm eager to hear more after this epic introduction to new material. 

As well as this though the band also have put up 5 live versions of tracks over on NPR. Head on over here to take a listen to them and get you humpday fix of MMJ right on up. After the jump you can download "Circuital"

My Morning Jacket - Circuital by cooperativemusicuk