[Listen] KoRn x Skrillex - "Get Up"

Skrillex doesn't seem to be able to do wrong at the moment, every track he makes has some crazy, sick drop in it and this little track is a collabo with none other than KoRn. The track see's Skrillex's signature electro beats mixed and interwoven with the guitars of KoRn. This track will feature on the bands new EP which is penned for a May release.

Front man of KoRn Jonathan Davis tells Spin, "I heard a few of Skrillex's re-mixes and really felt there would be a good chance that he would have the right sensibility to connect us to a new hard sound and direction, but still keeping Korn guitars and our vibe..We were just thinking of trying something new, to be honest, so I had my manager reach out to the Skrillex camp. When we got into the studio the connection was instant!"

The track is everything you hoped it would be check it out below and if you're off to Coachella at the weekend have a dance for me if you watch Sonny.

KoRn x Skrillex - "Get Up" by Some Kind of Awesome