[Listen] Mos Def Throws Acapella Over Tyler, The Creator's "Yonkers"

Remember when everyone ran scared from their TV sets after OFWGKTA took to Jimmy Fallon's late night show, peeping slightly over the top of the couch. In equal measures people were open mouthed at what was unfolding before them, as the masses were introduced to Odd Future. After the performance of "Sandwitches" was complete Tyler was jumping on Fallon and all hell seemed to break loose, however Mos Def seemed hyped to the max at the performance and continuing his support of the OF gang he has done an acapella during an April 9th performance in Pamona.

According to Irockcollege.com (via CoS), Mos Def gave the audience a heads up to film what was about to happen. What it was that he wanted them to record was him spitting a 1:11 freestyle to accompany the beats of Tyler, The Creator’s huge single “Yonkers”. If you've played "Yonkers" more than a few times on iTunes you may be able to follow, if not there's another helping hand from the instrumental below. The momentum keeps growing and with a sold out East Cast tour set for May from Tyler and Co the speed is going to keep building.