[Watch] Jessie J - "Price Tag" Live on Leno

Here in the UK you can't turn a radio on without hearing Jessie J over eagerly stretching her vocal chords. Especially as Radio One tipped her to be a major breakthrough this year. It seems they placed their bets well as last night she tried to expand her audience across the pond by performing Live on The Tonight Show Jay Leno. From what I gathered about the general census on Jessie when talking to natives over on that side of the pond is that a lot of people seem confused by her, this was following her spot on Saturday Night Live I should add. 

I wonder if the talent will be more visable on Leno's show performance here. Make your own minds up and look out for her LP Who You Are which has hit stores in the US this week. There's no doubting her talent but is she falunting it a little too much? Maybe I'm just jealous, who knows.

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