[Watch] My Chemical Romance - "Sing" (Sing It For Japan Version)

My Chemical Romance are doing their bit for the Japanese Tsunami relief efforts and yesterday offered up an alternate version of their single, "Sing". The song will be released and all proceeds will go to Red Cross Japan, along with the messages of support you can see in the Video up at the top from fans that Ray asked to help out in his blog post:

"We'd like to send messages of hope to Japan from people all over the world. We're asking for you to send video, pictures, drawings or written messages to the people of Japan. Go wherever your creativity and heart takes you."

If you take a look on twitter you may notice the has tag #SINGItForJapan appearing from time to time this inspired Ray to ask his band mates as to what they could do to benefit Japan. They re-worked the track and here it is for you to enjoy. To check out Ray's full post just head on over here.