[Watch] The Death Set - "We Are Going Anywhere Man"

Check out some new visuals from those ear drum ranglers The Death Set who I am still pretty bummed about as me and Rocko didn't manage to catch them at SXSW. The queue was insane no matter what angle you looked at it, but when you see what kind of show these guys put on you can understand why there's so much anticipation on getting into one of their live shows.

A few weeks ago the guys put up a message on their Facebook page that they wanted to throw a big ass party on a roof somewhere and wanted fans to come help out and party on a roof somewhere! They show up party hard and some guy below complains when the band causes his "art" to fall off the wall. By art he eant Transformers poster apparently. Long story short they took the party to a small ass apartment and you can watch the results at the top which is the bands new video for the track, "We Are Going Anywhere Man".

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