[Listen] Charlie Simpson - "Down Down Down"

I don't know how familiar people will be with Charlie Simpson? He started off is musical life in the spotlight in the UK's (at the time) hottest boy band type thing, Busted. Before parting way to follow something he actually wanted to do, i.e not make music for teen girls to scream at. He went on to form Fightstar who toured relentlessly and in turn gave Charlie his stepping stone into a more legitimate musical background. Now, he is preparing to release his first solo album titled, Young Pilgrim. And today we give you a taste of what is to come with his single, "Down Down Down". In relation to his first solo release Charlie said;

"I definitely want this to be the first picture people see..A lot of people say, 'what is your solo stuff like?' because they don't really have an idea. I would always play 'Down Down Down' to them to show them. It's a nice representation of what else is to come…."

I was actually kind of taken aback by the track. To me it sounds like a homage to Dallas Green and his solo project City and Colour. That could just be me making a direct comparison though, but the guitar stylings along with the harmonised vocals interwoven in the manner that they are, to me sounds very familiar. Which is a good thing, I think. Make your own mind up and take a listen below. Please let me know if you feel the same regarding the Dallas reference, or if you think I'm losing the plot. Either way it'll be appreciated!

Down Down Down by charliesimo