[Listen] Manchester Orchestra - "Anytime" (My Morning Jacket Cover)

Manchester Orchestra just wrapped up a few dates in the UK and performed a 'homecoming' show on Saturday in Manchester. Doing a two hour set and 2 encores, it was pretty damn impressive as the 5 of them dealt with technical difficulties by Andy performing solo! I was surprised however, they are soon to release their new album, Simple Math, yet the only new track we got to preview live was "April Fool" (which we got a listen to at the end of March).

Today though we don't have that problem. We have a new track from the band, but not necessarily a new track all together. Manchester Orchestra have covered My Morning Jacket's "Anytime" from their 2005 album, Z. Check it out below via Alt Press. Andy spoke to AP telling them;

"After a 7 a.m. lobby call in Manchester, U.K., followed by a 10-hour flight home, I felt incredibly compelled to just cover this outstanding song. I also watched the Celtics game."

So give it a play and count the days until we get the 'official' third studio album from the guys.

Manchester Orchestra - "Anytime" (My Morning Jacket Cover) by Some Kind of Awesome