[Listen] Tinie Tempah x Travis Barker - "Simply Unstoppable" (Yes Remix)

Remember a few weeks ago when we got to take a look a the video/advertisement from Lukozade for their campaign involving Travis Barker and Tinie Tempah joining forces and the results were enjoyable. Travis' drumming seems to add that extra energy to Tinie, not that he lacked any in the first place! Below though you can now listen to the entire track which is available for download in the UK on iTunes. For you none UK residents, take a listen Yes Remix of Tinie Tempah x Travis Barker's "Simply Unstoppable".

Check it out and is it just me or do you think Tinie would fit right in on Travis' next solo album?! Just sayin' he wouldn't of been out of place amongst Give The Drummer Some.

Tinie Tempah x Travis Barker - "Simply Unstoppable" (Yes Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome