[SKOA Presents] Lavalier - Lavalier EP

Brooklyn-based lo-fi psychedelic indie rockers Lavalier just recently released their self-titled EP, which is available for any price you'd like to send their way (including FREE). The band features former Cloud Room members Dave Horowitz and Steve Milton and at times, depending on the performance, can grow up to 15 members, which includes a 6-piece Brooklyn-based chorus among other crucial elements that appropriately flesh out the band's huge sound for live shows.

Since it's always important to make a good first impression, the EP open's with one of the band's strongest songs, "Santa Claus Ain't Comin'", a pop-esque little number full of hand claps and bouncy beats that make you want to bob around in your chair when you're stuck at work. The EP then navigates back and forth through whimsy instrumental numbers like "Mausoleum Key Party", "Cour des Rosiers", and "I Heart Ichor". The movements in "I Heart Ichor" specifically are especially dark, innocent and beatifully haunting, like something out of a Tim Burton movie. It ends on "Dark Globe", which sparkles with horns and various programming elements coupled with stirring vocals provided by what I can assume is the choir.

This is a solid piece of work with a sound that is clearly heading in a very focused pleasureable direction.

You can stream the entire album below. If you can afford to contribute to this project, please do. If not, at least pass this along to your friends.

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Lavalier - Lavalier EP: 3.5 out of 5 bottles