[Listen] Beastie Boys - "Pop Your Balloon" x "B-Boys In the Cut"

Next week marks a huge week in the world of music, as Beastie Boys are set to release their hugely anticipated eighth studio album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. Today in anticipation for the release tomorrow in the UK and on Tuesday in the US we have for you two bonus tracks, taken from the deluxe version of the LP. Both oozing with the fresh feel on the Beaste's back at their best. Give the tracks titled, "Pop Your Balloon" and "B-Boys In the Cut" a listen below and head on over here to pre-order the album. It's a great listen from front to back and will have you going back for another listen instantaniously. Seriously, it's dope.

Happy Sunday people.

Beastie Boys - "Pop Your Balloon"

Beastie Boys - "B-Boys In the Cut"