[Watch] Titus Andronicus - "No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future"

Check out the new visuals offered up for Titus Andronicus' The Moniter track, "No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future". The Tom Scharpling directed video is meant to show you the real New Jersey, and what it's all about. Or as they put it themselves;

“You think, ‘cause you’ve seen the Sopranos, the Real Housewives, you’ve seen Jersey Shore, you heard about the garbage dumps, you smelled the Meadowlands when you were driving down the turnpike, you think you know New Jersey? You don’t know anything about New Jersey. That’s why me and my four best friends — together we make up Titus Andronicus — we’re gonna go up and down this state. And we’re gonna show the world, through this video, what New Jersey is really all about.”

Check out the video above via The NJ Underground, and to pick youself up a copy of The Moniter simply head on over here.