[Watch] Peter, Björn & John - "Dig A Little Deeper" Live Session for MCR Scene Swipe

Here at SKoA we were very happy when news came of a new album from Peter, Björn, and John. Yes their track "Young Folk" may have been used to death in advertising and played, maybe a little too much by the good ol' radio stations of the world but hey. The Swedish rockers recently performed a few dates across the UK, one of the stops happened to be the lovely Manchester. While in the some times sunny, mostly windy and rainy city they dropped by the good folks at Manchester Scene Swipe and laid down a great performance of their track "Dig A Little Deeper". Now you can enjoy the rendition through the magic of the internet right from the comfort of your very own chair/desk/sofa/bed, whatever.

Check out the performance at the top and to pick up PB & J's latest studio offering, Gimme Some all you gotta do is click here