[Watch] The Strokes - "Under The Cover of Darkness" x "Taken For A Fool" Live on Jools Holland

It seems like Jools Holland is getting all of the big names recently, having Radio One's Big Weekend might of helped as a lot of great talent has been in the UK for a week or so. Last night though viewers were treated to a few tracks from The Strokes. We got to see their entire set from R1BW yesterday in which Julian looked a little worse for wear. Take a look at these performances and if he seems a bit "fresher", or it could just be me thinking that. What a difference 3 days makes huh.

The band performed some tight renditions of 2 tracks from their latest LP, Angles. Bringing along "Under The Cover of Darkness" and "Taken For A Fool". The former can be watched up at the top with the latter being found after the jump. Did Julian forget the lyrics...again? Good day for live performances from late night TV today though none the less?!