[Listen] Arcade Fire - "Speaking In Tongues" x "Culture War"

Today is a good day. It may be Monday, and you may have had to start the weekly grind that is your day job but this may just brighten up your day. Zane Lowe has just debuted two brand new tracks from the all mighty Arcade Fire. The two tracks are set to feature on the extended version of their third, and truly beautiful studio album, The Suburbs. First up is the slow and mellow track titled, "Speaking In Tongues" which pairs up Win's delicate vocals with the sounds we've come to love from the band. As well as Win and Regina on vocal duties, David Byrne makes an appearance too. Nice.

Second up is "Culture War" which starts with a fuzzy guitar laid over the top of some nice mandolin like strumming acoustics. I'm sat in awe of this band, they have a way of making you feel every emotion imaginable within the space of a few minutes and a couple of key changes. Simple yet technical. Light yet dark. Two great tracks that I think all Arcade Fire fans will love. I'll be going to bed tonight with a smile upon my face. Happy listening and happy Monday. If Bob Geldof had musical treats like this back in the day I think he may have been a little more fond of the first day in the week.

The Grammy winning album will get the extended edition release treatment on August the 2nd and will also feature extended version of The Suburbs track, "Wasted Hours (A Life That We Can Live)". Add to that a DVD which will hold the Spike Jonze-directed short film Scenes From the Suburbs and there's one hell of a good purchase you want to be making August 2nd.

"Speaking In Tongues"

"Culture War"