[Listen] Mark Lanegan - "The Beast In Me"

It doesn't feel like 2 months have gone by since we got the haunting sounds of Mark Lanegan in our ears but that's when we last got to hear some new material from the depths of Mark's conscious. Today will be welcomed with open arms by more than a few as we have Mark's contribution to The Hangover II OST. Speaking of which has it really been two whole years since we all laughed at the expense of these guys on the big screen? Jeez. 

Mark's contribution is a Johnny Cash cover of "The Beast In Me", and as you may be able to imagine, his voice fits the bill and the track is as moonlit as you'd expect. Sitting nicely next to a slow picked electric, trem filled guitar, yes please. How you could make a signature voice like his light and feathery I don't know. The track just makes me wonder what the hell happens in the film to warrant this much utter darkness and It's a great little snippet from Lanegan who should hopefully have a new LP sooner rather than later (pretty please). So, for now, we have this to keep us from going Mark Lanegan cold turkey. 

For more deets on the film (which hits theaters tomorrow!) and the OST head on over to the official site.