[News] Blink-182 To Finish Album By July x Announce Honda Civic Tour

Finally! Sheesh. I say finally, yet Blink-182 have only been working on their new album for the past year. The thing is, it's their first since 2003. So it feels a hell of a long time coming. In an iinterview with Rolling Stone though, the band have given away some details as to the albums deadline and their excitement. In the interview, Travis Barker states his excitement; "That's what we're most excited about. It's the first time there will be new music in nine years." The 9 year wait may have been worth it for fans though as Tom DeLonge explains the band thought they had the album all wrapped up and then a burst of new material came crashing down. "We thought we were closing in on the end, and literally a week ago we pumped out a whole set of stuff that I think will be some of the best on the album" says Tom. 

With the band being so excited about all the new material the question arises of when do we get to hear it? Mark tells RS that the band "have until July 31st to hand the record in, and I think we'll use every single day until then, as always" so it looks like the band will be working it right up until the hand in day. That can only be a good thing for the end result though right? The guys aren't the 20 somethings they once were, making dick jokes at every opportunity (although when I saw them last year Tom still tried). Their studio sound may have taken a turn, who knows but they are now 40 somethings with Wives and Kids so I'm expected a more 'mature' feel to the album, like some of the cuts on their S/T.

The band have also just been announced as the headliners of the Honda Civic Tour this summer along with My Chemical Romance. The tour will take them on a whirlwind stop start trip across the States. For more info head on over to the official Honda Civic Tour website. In the mean time UK and European fans have gotten angry as Blink recently cancelled their euro tour, yet a few weeks later announce this? Mark has responded adequately over on his Facebook, and hey. At the end of all the back and fourth, we the fans get new music and isn't that what it's all about at the end of it all? 

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