[Watch] Friendly Fires - "Blue Cassette" x "Live Those Days Tonight" Lightbox Session

We've had a none stop barrage it seems, from young feel good mongrels Friendly Fires recently. With the release of their new album, Pala, happening this week it feels like FF overload. Well, almost, as today we have a couple of live session tracks for your listening and viewing pleasure. They were recorded live at The Lightbox in London back in April.

If you've heard the new album, the video adds an extra dimension of funk with the disco vibes flowing like a rampant river. Strobe lights and disco balls are everywhere to be seen and the performances of their single, "Live Those Days Tonight" which you can see after the jump. Up at the top though you can enjoy a performance of the track, "Blue Cassette". Enjoy the vibes these guys give off in droves.