[Watch] Death Cab For Cutie - Live on VH1 Storytellers

Earlier in the week we were graced with a performance from Death Cab For Cutie of the track "Title & Registration" which was recorded for  VH1 Storytellers recently. Now thanks to our friends at Twenty Four Bit you can check out the 9 song set right hear on SKoA. Might help you pass your Sunday morning, afternoon or maybe evening depending on which part of the world you're currently sitting. The set features tracks from their recent release Codes & Keys along with much older cuts to boot. Up at the top you can enjoy the set's opener "Cath..." and after the jump you can watch the rest of the set. Over on the official Storytellers site you can also enjoy some extra added bonus footage. 


You Are A Tourist”

Bend to Squares”


“A Movie Script Ending”

"Codes and Keys”

"Stay Young, Go Dancing”

"I Will Follow You Into The Dark”

"Crooked Teeth”