[Listen] Hear 2 New Songs From Joker's Daughter - "Bubbles" x "Mind of Gold"

It's been awhile since we've heard from Helena Costas and her project Joker's Daughter. Costas hooked up with Brian Burton aka Danger Mouse, alongside Neutral Milk Hotel's Scott Spillane and frequent Danger Mouse collaborator Daniele Luppi (Rome), back in 2003 to begin work on her 2009 debut album The Last Laugh. Not much was heard from Costas after the release of the album, other than a second single release for the track "Lucid" and a short tour (in which she opened for Broken Bells during).

But it appears that the project is back in the works as two new songs "Bubbles" and "Mind of Gold" were posted on Joker's Daughter's Soundcloud page about a week ago. However, unlike Costas' debut album The Last Laugh produced by Danger Mouse, the new songs were produced by Mike Lindsay of Tunng. At this time, we have no word if Burton will be involved in the making of the second LP. But don't let that stop you at all from checking out the new songs which still maintain the vibe of Costas debut album. Check out both tracks below and if this is your first time listening to Joker's Daughter, we highly suggest you check out the singles along with the album.

Bubbles by jokersdaughter

Mind of Gold by jokersdaughter