[News] MellowHype To Re-Release 'BlackenedWhite'

OFWGKTA boys Hodgy Beats and Left Brain aka MellowHype are set to physically release BlackenedWhite on July 12th via Fat Possum Records. It'll be available to hold in your hands on both CD and LP and it will feature some extras to tempt you into copping it. CoS reports that it will feature the never released “64″ as well as some extra tracks and videos. Give something extra and you need to take something else away too. It seems that the Earl featuring track "Chordaro" will not feature. Maybe the supposed Sweatshirt statement not too long ago was legit and he's had enough and wants no more to do with the whole Odd Future fiasco? Head on over to the OFWGKTA Tumblr for more deets.