[News] Muse To Start New Album Without Matt Bellamy

SAY WHAT? Yes, according to numerous reports, Muse are to begin work on a new album minus the finger wizard that is Matthew Bellamy. Matt is currently stepping back from the lime light with Muse to focus on his unborn child with Kate Hudson. It's not game over for them though, bassist Chris Wolstenholme told The Sun that he would be writing new material for the LP on his own. Pressure much? Not to say Matt's lyrical style has changed much over the years or ever been world class, but paired with the music it worked. Chris told the Sun "Matt's raised the bar quite high in terms of songwriting...I'm a bit nervous because I don't want to write a song and it be responsible for the demise of the band."

I'd be pretty damn nervous too, with their last album, Resistance being an epic musical cacophony of Queen like highs culminating in a 3 parts orchestral piece. I'd say Chris has some pretty big shoes to fill. Time will tell if this could mean a change in style for the band or even a better move. Either way, new Muse material will be made by Chris and Dominic Howard in the very near future and that can't be a bad thing. Can it?