[Listen] Ed Sheeran - "Traktor" (Wretch 32 Cover) in BBC's Live Lounge

We've had what seems like an endless torrent of Ed Sheeran material coming at us these past few months, and quite frankly, keep it coming. Following the success of his crazy good track "The A-Team" today he stepped up to prime time UK radio and hit up the BBC Live Lounge. Whilst there he did another great thing, he tipped his hat to the UK scene by covering Wretch 32's huge debut single "Traktor". Obviously, as we know the live lounge can produce mixed results with artists either impersonating the song they're covering, or re-working them into something beautiful. Ed picked up his acoustic guitar and utilised his vox to the best of his abilities. I'll let you decide for yourselves on the outcome, but god damn this kid has talent.

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