[Listen] WU LYF - 'Go Tell Fire To The Mountain' (Full Album Stream)

After months of hype and buildup and what was to begin with a pretty darn secretive outlook, Wu Lyf are have unleashed their full length debut upon the world (by world I mean the UK) oversees you'll need to wait until August 22nd to grab a physical copy. Titled Go Tell Fire To The Mountain the album utilises the place in which it was recorded, an abandoned church in Manchester. The reverb on the guitar and organ, not to mention the harsh gritty vocals has been used to the bands advantage in part. The album has a few stand outs but if you like the band, chances are you've already heard them. Check out the album for yourselves after the jump. As of yet I'm still undecided, I like it but I feel there's a 'but' coming. When it arrives I'll let you all know, but for now it is a relaxing anarchic listen from a fast rising band. Let us know what you think. 

If you like what you hear you can check them out on one of their 3 dates in the US.