[Listen x Download] Boots Electric - "Boots Electric Theme" Feat. Brody Dalle

We've previously introduced you to Jesse Hughes' new alter ego, Boots Electric a while back but as seems the case a lot these days plans change and people change. Luckily though Boots is here to stay, and today we get to taste the sweet nectar of his music for the first time, and it's been a long time coming! Pairing up with Brody Dalle of Distillers/Spinnerette, Boots has let loose the track "Boots Electric Theme", 'cos you know everyone needs their own theme tune. Although I always feel like mine was the same as Larry David's, not quite as cool. 

Give the track a spin until your hearts content down below and you know the drill by now, for the measly price of your email address you can download the track to repeat as much as you like on your music player of choice. Over on the official Facebook group you can keep yourself up to date with Boots who will be releasing his debut Honkey Kong on September 20th via Dangerbird Records