[Listen] Curren$y - "This Is The Life"

Curren$y is set to release his  Warner Bros. debut Weekend At Burnie’s later in the month on June 28th. Last night he posted up online another track from the aforementioned album. The Monsta Beatz produced track is titled "This Is the Life." Now it appears that Curren$y is to go all crazy on us and much like the old Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon supposed unplanned synchronisation. Has anyone ever listened to it whilst watching Oz? It's freaky.

Curren$y is going to release a video online soon much along the same lines. It'll be the sync up of his album and the film that inspired it, the 1989 classic Weekend At Burnie’s. I wonder how much he smoked whilst watching the film and writing the tracks? Just sayin'.

Curren$y - "This Is The Life" by CurrenSy