[Download] Barbie Hatch - "Run To Me" (BeeGees Cover)

I remember after N.A.S.A.'s debut album The Spirit of Apollo first came out and I heard Barbie Hatch on the song "Way Down" I had to hear more from this amazing vocallist. I later ran across her MySpace page which featured this awesome cover of The BeeGees "Run To Me" and now a few years later, her debut album Hypertrophic Heart is nearing release and we have the finished version of "Run To Me" from her upcoming debut.

Peep the song in the player below, as well as another song "Stars" from her debut album. If you are fan of downtempo albums like Dan The Automator works such as Handsome Boy Modelling School, Lovage or Squeak E Clean's work like the N.A.S.A. albums make sure you pick this album up. Hypertrophic Heart is set for release on June 28th.

Barbie Hatch - "Run To Me" (BeeGees Cover) by Some Kind of Awesome