[Listen] Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward (She & Him) - "So Long" (From Winnie The Pooh OST)

Way back in 1926 A. A. Milne created Winnie The Pooh, you know the little fellow no doubt. With the help of E. H. Shepard the familiar character has graced the hands of millions and now 85 years later, Winnie will be on the silver screen jumping out of the page once more courtesy of Walt Disney Studios once more. This may not be your kind of thing, and that's cool, but the soundtrack may well make your ears prick up. Zooey Deschanel has leant her talents to the OST and recorded several tracks for the feature.

Today we are offering you up a truly special listen for fans. Zooey & M. Ward aka She & Him performing an original track written by Zooey titled "So Long". On the OST you'll get to hear Zooey show her chops on the original "Winnie The Pooh" track, first performed (and written) by the Sherman Brothers back in '66. The film is set for release in July and for old school Winnie The Pooh fans and new young'uns alike I have no idea what the film will bring, bar a nice old school illustration style to the big screen once more. I can say though, that the OST, with the helping hands of Zooey and M. Ward is a nice listen and adds a modern twist to an age old franchise.