[News] More Details Regarding Björk's 'Biophilia'

Per The Guardian, yesterday evening more news emerged regarding Björk's next release, Biophilia. They report that the album will receive both the usual paths of release i.e. an album with music videos, As well as this though it will be released as an "app album". To look into this a little further they explain that she will release a package of 10 apps for the iPad, set for use within one "mother" app. This way the individual tracks and apps will grow and come together within the larger app creating an evolving album over time.

For one song on the album, "Virus", the app for it will feature a group of cells being attacked by a virus to represent: "A kind of a love story between a virus and a cell. And of course the virus loves the cell so much that it destroys it." The obvious plan of attack as a user would be to stop said cells being destroyed said virus. However if you do this the song stops. A tricky one for the users. I assume the rest of the apps will be as sneaky and mind jumbling as this making for an interesting way of releasing the album indeed.

Later this month (running into July) Björk will have a 6 day residency in Manchester, bringing along some crazy midi controlled organs and talented musicians to boot. If you're in Manchester that week give it a look. I think i may have to out of principal.

Björk 2011 Tour Dates:
06/30 – Manchester, UK @ Campfield Market Hall
07/03 – Manchester, UK @ Campfield Market Hall
07/07 – Manchester, UK @ Campfield Market Hall
07/10 – Manchester, UK @ Campfield Market Hall
07/13 – Manchester, UK @ Campfield Market Hall
07/16 – Manchester, UK @ Campfield Market Hall