[Watch] Queens of the Stone Age - Live at Glastonbury 2011

This year, after re-releasing their famed self titled debut earlier this year Queens of the Stone Age toured relentlessly playing the LP front to back. Much to the delight of fans who rarely got to see a bunch of these tracks played live. However it seemed Josh was tiring of playing the same set every night and in turn upon the announcement of their headline set on the Other Stage at Glastonbury they decided to launch a vote. The vote in question, as we mentioned at the time, was for fans to pick their favourite QOTSA tracks and they would make up the set. With the results counted the setlist was as follows:

01. Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

02. Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret

03. Millionaire

04. Burn The Witch

05. Plaid

06. Better Living Through Chemistry

07. Make It Wit Chu

08. Little Sister

09. Fun Machine

10. 3's and 7's

11. First It Giveth

12. Go With The Flow

13. No One Knows

14. Song For The Dead

Check out the highlights at the top. Beyonce can put on a good show no doubt but I think this was a highlight for a lot of Glastonbury goers. Enjoy it.