[Download] Cassettes Won't Listen - "The Night Shines" x Bonus Track Offer

Last week, one of my favorite new albums for 2011, EVINSPACEY by Cassettes Won't Listen's, dropped on digital music retail sites everywhere.  And to celebrate the release, Cassettes has let loose another banger from the album "The Night Shines" to download for free!

He is also rewarding fans who bought the deluxe version of his album from iTunes with a free bonus track "From The Start".  All you have to do is send your iTunes receipt to info@cassetteswontlisten.com and you'll be sent a bonus track from the record which will be exclusive to iTunes purchasers. The best part about copping this album from iTunes is you get 2 extra tracks already in comparison to purchasing at Amazon or other digital sites. So that's a total of 3 extra tracks to an already solid album. Not convinced? Give "The Night Shines" a listen below.

Cassettes Won't Listen - "The Night Shines" by Some Kind of Awesome