[Listen] Hear 3 New Songs From Swahili Blonde's 2nd Album Featuring Former RHCP Guitarist John Frusciante

John Frusciante is a weird fellow, but probably the most amazing Guitarist alive today. Back 2009 John teamed up with girlfriend? (dont know if they are still together) multi instrumentalist Nicole Turley to form the experimental punk-funk outfit Swahili Blonde and recorded their debut album Man Meat. Frusciante later quit the band in search of...who knows.

But it appears the former Chili Pepper has once again returned to help the band create their sophomore album, Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink. We previewed the band's first new track off the new album "Etoile De Mer" a couple of months back and now you can check out 3 new songs "Purple Ink", the amazingly awesome cover of A-Ha's "Scoundrel Days" and "Zelda Has It" in the player below. The album is set to release on October 2nd. Now if we could only get another Frusciante solo record this year.