[News] Kaiser Chiefs Surprise Fans With 'Build Your Own' Album

Called it! "No official word of when the band will release the album, but with all these bands surprising fans left, right and centre it could be tomorrow?" Boom. I knew something strange was a foot with Kaiser Chiefs and today we get confirmation. The band has released two previously unheard tracks this week and in a shocking climax are offering up fans their very own choice of songs for their surprise new album The Future is Medieval, which they released today with just the two teasers as promo. Ballsy. We The weird thing about the release is, fans can build their own version. You read that correctly by the way, they've just gone all out crazy for this one.

If you head over to the band’s website there are 20 new tracks for you to enjoy. You pick the have to pick 50% of them, so the favourite 10 you want on your copy of the album and then arrange as you wish. Design your own album cover with the help of their logos and stuff and then download it for £7.50/$12. Simple really. It seems to me like they've cut out a lot of work for themselves in the process as fans are building the covers, the track listing and the choice of songs. Cool idea but will it generate the custom? Well, if people like your album, or at least yoru version of it, they can then buy your version of the album and you make money for it! Pretty darn cool. Go take a look for yourselves.

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