[Listen] Skrillex - "Ruffneck (Flex)"

Anyone else up for some more Monday Dubstep to get the week started right and with that party feeling? Good, as we have yet more Skrillex for you to get you head around today. The track is titled "Ruffneck (Flex)" and adds another dimension to a track a few of you may have previously heard. Give it a spin below, turn the speakers up loud or your headphones. Whatever you bass delivering weapon of choice may be, it needs to be played loud and proud. It's the more laidback version of the track from his new remix EP.

Skrillex knows how to keep his feet off the ground, as last week he just announced More Monsters and Sprites which features 7 tracks and includes four brand new remixes of the first dubstep track ever to reach the topspot on Beatport.

Skrillex - Ruffneck (Flex) by PUNPZ MUSIC