[Watch] Nicola Roberts - "Beat Of My Drum" (Prod. By Diplo)

So, I debated about posting this for a few days as I was unsure what to make of it. It's the debut track from Nicola Roberts aka 1/5 part of UK girl group Girls Aloud. In the US you may be a little familiar with Cheryl Cole after all the recent drama and gossip regarding her being a judge on America's Got Talent. Nicola was the last person from the group I thought would release something. Especially something along the lines of where this track takes you.

The track, titled, "Beat Of My Drum" was produced by that Blackberry loving beat master Diplo and if I hadn't told you that you'd of no doubt guessed he was involved after 30 seconds of hitting play. It features a very familiar sound to that of Major Lazer and "Pon De Floor". As well as a homage to Diplo's other projects it seems like Nicola is a big fan of M.I.A. as her delivery of the vocals is kind of off the cuff and without too much passion. Yet paired with the Diplo beats and drops it works surprisingly well. People will no doubt have numerous problems with the track not to mention Diplo's involvement but hey let us know in the comments and don't hold back, give it to us straight. Love it or hate it?

If you do like it though that's cool. I'm still undecided, and the prominence of the Major Lazer/M.I.A. influence seems a little too much. But, it may be a grower. "Beat Of My Drum" is out now on iTunes now if you want it in yoru life. Her debut album Cinderella Eyes is penned for release later in the year and as well as Diplo collaborations there's ones with MetronomyDimitri From Paris. I'm intigued, are you?!