[Listen] Teddybears - "Cho Cha (feat. CeeLo Green & The B-52's)"

On paper, when you see that the Swedish group Teddybears teamed up with the likes of Cee-Lo and The B-52s, a lot of confused head scratching and pensive squinting are soon to follow shortly thereafter. Once "Cho Cha" makes its way to your ears, however, everything just falls into its appropriately danceable place. The way that the group has managed to delicately piece together the elements that their rather quirky special guests have executed on so effectively just makes the entire arrangement come off organically.

Devil's Music has already dropped elsewhere in the world, but is being released with a revamped tracklist in the US on June 21st. You can pick up "Cho Cha" today on iTunes.

Teddybears - Cho Cha feat. CeeLo Green & The B-52's by Big Beat Records