[Listen] Nero's Dubstep Symphony with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra

On Monday something strange occurred on BBC Radio One and One Xtra. Classical orchestral music was paired with some UK dubstep pioneers Nero and the results were spine tingling. The project was put together over the past few weeks and took the pair a while to coordinate, as you can imagine, making dubstep transpire into an orchestra must take some work. Below you can check out the full piece and the results. It wasn't what I was expecting if I'm honest. It worked beautifully but personally I was waiting for the big finish that never came. A few parts in which the dub aspects piped up worked well. 

The results though...

2011-06-06 - Nero's Dubstep Symphony -Live- (MTA Records) @ BBC Philharmonic Studios - Salford by Evil_Concussion