[Listen] Little Jackie - "Take Back The World"

I've been in love with Imani Coppola ever since getting into her via Mike Patton's side project Peeping Tom and then hearing her solo album The Black And White Album. Then she later hooked up with producer Adam Pallin and formed the Soul/Pop group duo, Little Jackie and dropped the amazing 2008 LP The Stoop. Now after a 3 year break, the duo return with their upcoming LP Made For TV and have released the first taste of the upcoming album with "Take Back The World." 

Check out this catchy new track in the player below. We highly recommend this for those who are fans of Amy Winehouse and are awaiting on return (good luck with that) and need something to replace or fill that void. No word as of when Little Jackie's sophomore LP is set to drop, but once we get more info we will let you guys know.