[Listen] MellowHype - "Gunz" x "Game" Feat. Tyler, The Creator

With the interest dying out like a match stick reaching the end of it's charred life, 2 parts of Odd Future, MellowHype, this week re-released their 2010 album BlackenedWhite. With a track not being featured due to permission issues regarding Earl Sweatshirt the obvious choice was to put on some bonus tracks for the ever hungry fans of MellowHype and anything OFWGKTA.

First up is a track titled "Gunz" which features on the iTunes purchase if you were wondering. The second is a track titled "Game" which features the infamous leader of all things OF related, Tyler, The Creator. Check them both out below and let us know what you think of the bonus tracks and the general feeling of MellowHype's re-release.

MellowHype - "Gunz"

MellowHype - "Game" Feat. Tyler The Creator