[Listen] Portugal. The Man - 'In The Mountain In The Cloud' (Full Album Stream)

Take a listen to the brand new album from Portugal. The Man which goes by the name of In the Mountain In The Cloud. Courtesy of Paste you can stream it front to back after the jump. In his interview with Paste, frontman John Gourley said it was a little bit tough trying to get the project's ball rolling fully:

"It was honestly a mess, it was just a total mess...The band wasn’t communicating and I wasn’t expecting that to come right away. But we were just in and out of the studio, whoever was working, we’d work for hours but it was just pretty much one person at a time and we weren’t really talking about it. It wasn’t because we hated each other or anything, it’s just we hang out everyday. It just got to that point where we needed some space"

We'd previously got a taste of the album in the form of "Everything You See (Kids Count Hallelujahs)" which I liked although it was a little different. Tonight I shall be listening to this this album a few times round. You guys should do the same. Check it after the jump.