[Listen] Kreayshawn: "Shrimp Pt. 2" Feat. Theophilus London

Love it or hate it today we have a curve ball for you in the shape of the recently signed Kreayshawn. My dislike for this comes with the word "swag" and the amount it has been used in the past 4 months. Hey I'll hold my hands up and say I am VERY guilty of this crime too but hey, we all make mistakes. The only thing is this track isn't from 4 months ago, it's new. 

The leader of the track may not be to your taste but the gentleman that features might just float your boat. It's Theophilus London who lays down his lyrics to clearly stand out in the track. Remember Minaj in "Monster" and how much she grabbed your attention? Theophilus makes this track what it is. All be it minus it's "swag".